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Intake specialist

A proud native to Kings Mountain, NC, Tawanda Stephens chose the road less traveled. While her walk may not look like that of others, she has been on a journey tailor made just for her. She has worked with agencies such as Holy Angels, RHA Healthcare Services, Gaston Residential Services, Brian Rehabilitation Center, American Red Cross, Caromont, and Labcorp. She is a Certified Habilitation Technician and a certified Phlebotomist. She is also a Licensed Minister, graduate of Spirit Flow Ministerial Academy. Currently she has stepped into her role as an Intake Specialist for Thrive Family Services welcoming the Clover and surrounding areas with her five star communication skills. TaWanda is Forever A Student of giving exceptional customer service to the clients she serves. She is able to authentically seize any and every opportunity to make others smile, say a kind word, and always making a genuine intent to meet people where they are. By doing this, she is able to show an unconditional, concentrated version of love that could never be mistaken for anything other than what it is intended for...Our Good and the betterment of humanity.

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