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Thrive's story

Founded by Dr. Beth, PhD, LPCS, Thrive Family Services is a mental health agency created to support and improve the mental, emotional, and behavioral health of the individuals, couples, and families that we have the opportunity to serve. With a carefully chosen and close-knit staff, we offer an eclectic approach to therapy, meaning that treatment goals and sessions will be tailored to what are the best and most effective methods for our consumers on a case-by-case basis. There is no one-size-fits-all therapeutic approach for us here at Thrive--we recognize that every individual, relationship, and family dynamic is different. Our goal is to establish a solid therapeutic relationship with each individual, couple, or family in order for us to work together to determine the most beneficial therapeutic approaches and intervention plans for each case. We know that seeking therapeutic support is not always easy. It takes a great deal of willpower, patience, and bravery to seek change on such a deep and personal level, and we are here to provide a safe place and a solid, judgment-free system of support and guidance throughout that process.

Our decision to base Thrive Family Services here in Clover, SC was a purposeful one. Our team deeply values our community, and we proudly serve Clover and its surrounding areas with a variety of services including diagnostic assessments, outpatient therapy, distance/remote therapy, and medication management.  Our second location was recently opened in Fort Mill, SC at a convenient location for those who live in that area of York County. Whether you're facing challenges related to significant life events, a relationship with yourself or others, a traumatic experience, or any other mental, emotional, or behavioral difficulties, we are eager to provide the therapeutic experience and support to guide you through every season of your life. We invite you to read more about our staff, frequently asked questions regarding our services, our office and therapy space, and the many options available regarding payment for services. 

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