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the in-take process

If you are ready to refer yourself or a patient/client, please use the link below to provide us with your information.

Once your information is received, we will verify it and reach out to you when there is an appointment available. At any given time there may be a waitlist for services and we will contact you as soon as we have the availability to do so. 

We are always eager to hear from our clients and community about how we can help you. We welcome feedback, suggestions, questions, requests, and anything else you wish to share with us. Please contact us with any general questions or feedback by phone, fax or email. If you are contacting us regarding interest in working for Thrive, please visit the employment page so we can get the information necessary to best serve you!

(If you are a medical or mental health professional referring a patient or client, please ensure that you are complying with HIPAA regulations during the referral process. Because this form is transmitting information electronically, if you do not have the appropriate documented consent to release information to Thrive or to transmit information electronically we suggest having your patient or client fill out the form him- or herself.) 

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