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Services We Offer

Thrive is proud to offer a variety of therapy options for clients of all ages and in all seasons of life. The most common therapeutic options are listed below, you may click on an option to read more about it or continue scrolling to read about all of the options listed. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you feel your specific needs are not described by one of these options. We are eager to help anyone in need, and we are happy to accommodate other therapeutic needs if we possibly can.​


After an in-depth interview with the client and guardian, if the client is a minor, information collected will aid in diagnosis and treatment goals. More specialized assessment measures and/or interview forms may be used in addition to the interview process if necessary, as well

Family therapy

Family therapy can create opportunities to open lines of communication and to create a more open, functional dynamic  between family members.

substance abuse and addiction

Challenges stemming from the excessive use of drugs, alcohol, other substances, as well as to activities like gambling, eating, exercise, or sex, are difficult to acknowledge and overcome, and at Thrive we are here to offer a safe, supportive place to guide you through this process.

sandtray therapy

Sandtray therapy is like a rare gem that only a selected few have experienced. Those who know the wonders of sandtray work are fortunate and it can be incorporated into the clinical treatment.

individual therapy

Frequency depends on the clients needs. Sessions provide support and guidance for any struggle you may be facing. 

pre-marital counseling

Pre-marital counseling provides couples with an objective, supportive space where they can ensure that there is agreement or acceptance of differences on the things that will influence their marriage the most.

christian counseling

. There may be times when you seek Christian counseling for prayer, to gain a stronger grounding in your faith and beliefs, or to try to improve your understanding of Christian values. For many people going through struggles and transitions in life, a counselor who shares in your faith and who will incorporate prayer and biblical principles throughout the counseling process can be instrumental in helping you through these seasons of your life.

children & adolescents

Family sessions are incorporated into the treatment plan. Sessions provide support in many aspects of the child's life. . The terms and limits of client confidentiality with minor clients and information that can be shared with parents will be reviewed during the first session to ensure a transparent and honest therapeutic relationship


Whether you're struggling with communicating effectively, trust issues, opposing parenting styles, conflicts related to a blended family, or any other challenges with your significant other, Thrive can help you process and work through these things together

distance counseling

This is a counseling approach that takes the best practices of traditional counseling and adapts them for delivery to clients via electronic means: e-mail, phone, video sessions. Distance counseling can take place in the comfort of your own home, which can be beneficial for clients with limited mobility or transportation options.

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